E-Learning Made Possible!

FUNDED! $7,601.00

GOAL: $4,800.00

We are so grateful to have nearly 70% of our high schoolers in Kenya shifted to E-Learning via simple smartphones. It’s been an unusually complicated shift considering the infrastructure and equipment limitations, but it’s working! These students are actively engaging and continuing to learn online, whether they’re in urban slums or rural villages. We remain as committed as ever to helping these students stay on pace for strong test results on their end-of-year exams. However, there are a handful of students who live in such remote locations that they aren’t able to participate in E-Learning due to a lack of internet access/cell phone reception. So, during this time, please keep them in your prayers and trust with us that God will open up opportunities to educate and empower them despite the setbacks.

But there are 20 students we CAN help today! These students have earned a spot at our high school and could participate in E-Learning with the right equipment. Currently, they lack access to a smart phone or device that would allow them to participate in E-Learning. If we were able to get a simple, inexpensive smart phone for these students, they’d be able to continue learning online and remain on track with their fellow students. To make this happen, we need $4,800 to cover smart phones, air time and other misc. expenses for E-Learning for these 20 students. You can make a HUGE difference for them today. Let’s do this!!

*Picture from previous school year.


Karl B
Ridgewood, NJ
Jimmy & Bonnie Y
Towanda, IL
Don & Cathy R
Bloomington, IL
Jenny D
Heyworth, IL
Jackie W
Bloomington, IL
Chris h
Bloomington, IL