Help Grow our Self-Sustaining Agriculture Ministry

GOAL: $5,000.00

The farm at the REM High School was originally intended to help our ministry become self-sustainable and cut the cost of food purchases. It has been an incredibly successful venture; and now it is blessing not just our Schools, but also the communities around each of our schools! The food raised or harvested at the REM Farm not only feeds the staff and children staying at the Children’s Home, but all surplus is now distributed to disenfranchised families around each of our schools. Our Kenyan leadership is looking to grow this initiative in the future, and any funds that come in through this campaign will go towards purchase of a lawnmower, various meat sources to supplement our current efforts, and the repair of our irrigation pipes.


Sara W
Bloomington, IL
Karl B
Ridgewood, NJ
Mitch C
Bloomington, IL


Don & Cathy R
Bloomington, IL